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Texas State Inspections

The Plaza is an Official Texas state certified Vehicle Inspection Station with trained, certified technicians.

State Vehicle Inspection $25.50

The price includes a safety and an emissions test, it is for all gasoline-powered vehicles that are 2 through 24 years old.

State Safety Inspection $7.00

For all vehicles that are 2 years and younger or 25 years and older or for diesel powered vehicles

Before you bring your car in for Inspection:

1. Make sure you have current proof of insurance.

2. Check that your car's check engine light is NOT ON (car WILL NOT pass Inspection with light on.).

3. If your car's battery has been disconnected recently, please let the Inspector know upon arrival.

Not sure if your car is due for Inspection?

Every vehicle must have a passing State Inspection before you can renew its Registration Sticker.

If you don't remember weather your car has had an Inspection this year, you can check online, you will need your vehicle's VIN for this.

For more information on inspection and emissions requirments, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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